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« New Co » en création (Projet Deeplomath)

Logiciel Intelligence Artificielle

Paris / Montpellier/Hérault (34)

Profil recherché : CTO

Opportunity to join a founding team and create an innovative Deeptech startup in the field of AI / Deep Learning as co-founder. In charge of key technical directions, the architecture and the implementation of AI software product offering. He will grow up R&D organization leading the execution and the integration of new technologies within the software distribution process of our solution (Data science, workflow, traceability, SaaS, maintenance, management of upgrades, etc.).
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In charge of identifying emerging technologies and seizing their potential and defining the priorities.
He will be responsible of the technological roadmap and the various technological components necessary for our solution. He will, also propose and lead all technical exchanges with customers and technical partners on the solution. Must have a global experience on the AI solution deployment within industrial sectors and solutions of traditional IoT embedded systems. He should be knowledgeable about competitive and alternatives solutions in the mathematical fields, AI algorithms implementation and Acoustic/ Voice technical solutions.


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